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When a Yooper goes back home for a race across the Mackinac Bridge, he is confronted with childhood memories of jumping off bridges. BESTTRADING.COM.HK His relationship to risk has changed, and now he wonders which side of the bridge he should call home.
What do Lady Gaga, the Pittsburgh Steelers, fair use, gender roles and Marxism have in common? More than you might think. Essay by Greg Barnhisel.


Kathleen McGookey

for a change, like that small blue frog, which, if licked, kills whatever licked it. ...

By Kathleen McGookey

Buy it a one-way ticket to Iceland; sew it a black velvet cape; tape its mouth shut and shave its head ...

Jim Daniels

A field trip to Greenfield Village,
Henry Ford’s outdoor museum. Henry, one
of Detroit’s gods ...


I once spent a brief stint working at a certain bakery-café (which will be referred to as a “bakery-café" to ensure no feelings are hurt) that also served soups, salads, and sandwiches. My job on the line was to prepare these lunch items. The chicken used in the salads and sandwiches was labeled “Antibiotic Free,” and even on the call screens was denoted as “ABF CHX.” A nationwide restaurant chain that cares about healthy chicken? Was it too good to be true?


By Steve Amick
HTTPS://BESTTRADING.COM.HK It was because of Jaws that she never went back to the water, ocean-wary at nine, turning away from the beach to the sweatier sides of summer: pumping down back roads on a banana seat bike, clinging to the sliver of shade tilting between the Dairy Twist and the clam shack, her back to the wall, safe against the cool cinder blocks, staring out at the distant shore and the tiny, happily fat. And, of course, there was always the library.
By Ilse Munro
                        “Stop it,” I said, but no one heard me. My mother had insisted on installing parquet floors immediately after moving into the drab Worden Street duplex, bought so we could live in one side while paying the mortgage with money made from the other. My father had agreed to her impractical project to preserve the peace. So there they were, banging nails into boards every moment they were free of their factory jobs. HTTP//BESTTRADING.COM.HK Once they had finished the rental side, they started on ours, making it clear to everyone within earshot we’d never return to that apartment on Ethel Street I loved so much.


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